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"Where is your state of Mind? Find it at Hawaiian Vapor were we have all your vaping needs. It's not Smoking, Its Vaping"

Hawaiian Vapors is a family ran business that caters to a Healthier, Happier Life Style by allowing people the alternative to not smoke, while still getting nicotine. Our products allow our customers to administer nicotine with no second hand smoke, unwanted smells, tastes or odors.

Everyone is affected from cigarette smoke whether by a friend, loved one, or even by a stranger. Cigarette butts are everywhere! On the street, sidewalks, ash trays, and landfills. Our earth is not getting any bigger, our pollution keeps growing. We reduce plastic by recycleing bags. What if we reduce our fiberglass and pollution from cigarettes as well?

Our systems are fully rechargeable, all tanks, filters, and e-liquid bottles are recyclable. Our e-liquids include only three ingredients, with a fourth option which is nicotine. Verses over 4,000 toxic chemicals in cigarettes. Switching to vaping gives you all the benefits with none of the negatives. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. You can always email you Friendly Ohana at Hawaiianvapor@hawaiianvapor.org

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